The early days of a baby’s life fly by so quickly - and in such a haze. It’s so easy to blink a month or two down the line and realise that your little, tiny sleepy baby has already grown into an inquisitive little person, growing and developing more and more each day. I want to make sure that you don’t forget those precious first days. 
To do this, I offer creative and memorable newborn photography designed to capture your new baby’s sweetest moments.



I have always had a passion for art and for being creative. Truth being told, I’ve probably always been a bit of a dreamer! From enjoying art and doodling in school, to having a passion for makeup and nails while working in the beauty industry and then to creating wedding themes and decor schemes while working in the wedding industry ; I have always enjoyed creating concepts and bringing an idea to life. 
However, when I first picked up a professional camera, I knew that something new and exciting was beginning.  Photography has 100% changed my life and given me a new and unique creative outlet fuelled by a passion to create and capture beautiful and timeless memories for new Mums & Dads.
My sole aim is to create images that you will not only love, but that will take you right back to the very moment they were taken. I want you to feel the way you did then and remind you of those precious times. 
I want you to relive the smell of your newborn baby, remember how their tiny feet fit in the palm of your hand, and how their little fingers grasped yours...
As a Mum myself, I truly appreciate how precious every single moment with your little one is. I pride myself on creating something new and individual for each client and will provide you with pictures that you can keep and treasure for a lifetime ; pictures that will hang on your wall and remind you of those precious early days for years to come.
My images are are less posed and more lifestyle and all sessions take place in the comfort of your own home in order to capture your new baby in the most relaxed way.There will be no awkward posing - just gentle direction.All photo shoots will be calm and relaxed, and are always led by baby. I’ll allow for plenty of time for feeding, changing and of course - cuddles! These most natural of moments can provide some of the very best and most candid images - perfect for remembering the early days of the newborn haze.
All equipment is fully sanitised and sterilised before use, and everything I need will be brought with me.
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The smell of their head, their flaky skin, their unbelievably tiny fingers and toes... the newborn stage is a fleeting but oh-so-magical couple of weeks that can seem to go by in a blink.
Before you know it, your baby is becoming more aware, smiling, reaching, sitting and learning to crawl... and those newborn days when they were so very small can be difficult to remember.For this reason, I wholeheartedly believe that getting professional shots of those first few weeks is a true investment which will provide you - and your little one - with memories to look back on and treasure forever.

For examples of my work and inspiration for your shoot, please check out my portfolio, and contact me directly to book a session.

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Pregnancy can be an unpredictable time when Mama doesn’t always feel at her most confident. With my shoots, I want to make each and every Mama feel like a Goddess and remember her pregnancy fondly. Each maternity session is completely personalized and custom designed to make sure Mama is completely comfortable. 
Prints and digitals are priced separately.

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I am currently opening for a limited time and a discounted rate for portfolio building sessions.
This is to allow me to expand my body of work while still providing you with some amazing shots of your Little Dot.
The shoot will take approximately 1 - 1.5 hours and will take place in the comfort of your own home. 
Social distancing measures and guidelines will be followed at all times. 

You will receive 5 edited digitals on USB no later than 4 weeks from your shoot date.
Your little one should be aged between newborn and 2 years old, and the slots available expire on 31st March 2021 and commence from 1st October 2020.
Little Dot reserve the right to amend/cancel shoots in line with advice from the Scottish Government in regards to Covid 19. 
One child only per shoot. 
£85 includes travel within 15 miles of EH1. Additional travel costs may be levied out with this radius.

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